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	This file.

	The complete source distribution.  This file is about 18.5
	megabytes. When unpacked, the source distribution will take up
	about 70 megs. You will need another 13 megs or so to compile

	Installation instructions for the precompiled binaries.  It's
	important that you read this before unpacking the executables.

	This contains the architecture-independent parts of the installation
	tree.  If you intend to build XEmacs from scratch, you do not need
	this file: it contains a subset of the files included in
	xemacs-19.16.tar.gz but arranged in a different directory structure
	(the files are arranged as an installation tree rather than a build
	tree.)  If you intend to install the precompiled binaries, you need
	this file in addition to the binary kit(s).

There are binary kits for various platforms, including Linux RPMs.

Don't forget to set "binary" mode when transferring these files.  Unpack them
with some variation of the command
"gunzip -c xemacs-20.0.tar.gz | tar -pvxf -".

There is a newsgroup for discussing XEmacs.

   comp.emacs.xemacs:	    For reporting all bugs in XEmacs, including bugs
			    in the compilation and installation procedures.
			    Also for random questions and conversation about
			    using XEmacs.

There is also a mailing list,  This mailing list is
bidirectionally gatewayed with the newsgroup comp.emacs.xemacs.  To be added
or removed from this mailing list, send mail to
(Send all administrative requests, and only administrative requests, to this

Please use the newsgroups instead of mailing directly to the
maintainers, you are likelier to get a better response that way.

Crashes should be reported to  When reporting a
crash, please read carefully the information in part II of the XEmacs
FAQ so that you can include enough information in your report to get
the problem resolved.  In particular, if you are experiencing
coredumps, it is vital that you compile XEmacs with the `-g' compile
flag so the stack back trace is meaningful.

Do not send messages about problems with XEmacs to the GNU Emacs
newsgroups and mailing lists (,,, gnu.emacs.bug, et cetera)
unless you are sure that the problem you are reporting is a problem with
both versions of Emacs.